Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why hullo there?

Hi Everyone - just a quick note to say I'll be back real soon. Finally - Finally! - got internet back after an unfortunate incident involving my brother, an open second level window and my modem.

And don't worry, I've got some excellent outfits to share with you ;)

Love WTP x

P.S. Thought you might like to see.... Sorry to torture you with so many beautiful winter items I won't wear for months yet. This humidity!

1 & 2. 50s Mocha rose day dress and 50s mink collar red dress from The Vintage Mistress
3, 4 & 5. 60s/70s shirt dress, 70s plaid wool wrap skirt and 50s sailor tie grey and pink plaid dress from Capricious Traveller
6. Austrian Dancing skirt from My Fair Frock
7. 60s wool plaid cape with in-built scarf from Kennedy Holmes

1 comment:

Kelley Anne said...

Oh these are so beautiful! I think I might be in love with the 50s sailor tie grey and pink plaid dress.

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