Sunday, February 21, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I'm back again and the weekend is nearly over. It's funny how quickly the weekend flies by, but then it's been a tad bit crazy. My dog was poisoned by some snail pellets (she's alright now thankfully) and I've got some sunburn from yesterday's antics (that's what happens when you forget your parasol kids).

I did make a trip with Astin Kirby to Redfern to check out The Vintage Clothing Shop's sale. It was alright. There wasn't too much that took my fancy aside from an amazing mushroom embroidered pink cardigan (for $185 gasp!) but I did get a lovely black beaded 50s cardigan for $60 and a new black thin belt for whatever outfit I feel like.

We then wandered over the markets in the park and amazingly enough I picked up a very pretty black vintage dress for $10 while Astin got a real Gollywog (I know, it's not PI - you're meant to say Scallywag) and a yellow dress as well. Yay for success.

Anyway, here's what I wore, though my hair is a little messed up by that point.... I'll share pictures of my new purchases very, very soon.

Dress and bag: Bowerbird Vintage
Shoes: Senso
Necklace: Strawberry Koi

See you soon-ish,
WTP xo

1 comment:

Kelley Anne said...

You look so lovely! I really adore your blue dress and can't wait to see the purchases. I love it when a shopping excursion works out for the best.

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