Wednesday, February 24, 2010

“Welcome home sailor!”

Did you all have a nice day? I'm trying not to be a downer, but unfortunately it still wasn't a great day. But I did have sushi (which is a major addiction for me...)

I did however wear one of my new dresses from Capricious Traveller! As I was putting it on this morning (shivering, what is with you Sydney weather? I haven’t even recovered from the weekend’s sunburn) it just struck me that it needed a pop of colour. So I added the red bow to my hair. And then the skull and cross bone earrings, and the stripey shoes! Nautical chic I say!

At work, I got plenty of compliments on my dress, my earrings and my shoes - so I think I did quite well. One girl even said I reminded her of Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, which is quite the compliment!

Shirt dress: Vintage 60s/70s Capricious Traveller

Nautical hair clip – made by me

Shoes: Pierre Fontaine S/S 3 years ago.

Skull and cross bones earrings: Diva

I definitely want to make some more bow hair clips! They’re so easy and great fun. I think a nice big blue one would do perfectly, perhaps with a nice big bronze button. Or a purple one…. With a silver button.

Anyway, I might go be crafty - I can't help it! My cross-stitching and a good cuppa are calling me!

Love WTP x


Zaana said...

sweet post Ms. Driscoll! I would also suggest you for a Cabbie-oke ride in Sydney, because you seem so interested in out-of-the-box activities! You can also vote on performances and stand in good stead to win a Nokia E71! check it out..

Kelley Anne said...

I love your dress. Its so beautiful and summery. The red bow is the perfect pop of color. I'm sorry your day didn't go so well.

I've been seeing pieces from The Capricious Traveller popping up all over the place lately. I think I'll keep an eye on that Etsy shop:)

Sam said...

Oh my goodness! I've got so much to catch up on! How did that happen? Such a sweet look this Ellen - the red bow you made is inspried but your pretty smile is what really makes the outfit! Seriously!

Hope you have some better days than today - at least the sushi sounded very good...

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