Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things that will come in the post...

Hey Kiddlets,

It's been go, go, go on my end. So a non-outfit post for you. I have been wearing some fantastic vintage this week, but with all the work chaos, I haven't had much of a chance to shoot it before dark.

But I'll be back on the weekend with plenty of good stuff, promise *wink wink*

50s wool skirt, 50s Dalton Cashmere cardigan with silk and pearl accents, and 50s pink and blue sweater from Dear Golden Vintage. I love Dear Golden - Lauren is fabulous to deal with, and I think her pieces are well priced. All of these have already arrived, so they'll be debuting very soon.

80s floral corduroy skirt and 50s Parisian Carnival skirt from Allen Company Inc. I also have to highly praise Kristina - she is another great seller to deal with. And isn't that Parisian Carnival skirt crazy amazing? (Good English - go on, tut at the journo!)

And one last little goody, before I say goodbye to spending for awhile:
How could I resist? This reverse carved lucite brooch and earring set came from Vintage Fabulous.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week. I'll see you on the weekend with my latest Bowerbird Vintage dress. Can't wait to show you!


1 comment:

Kelley Anne said...

These are some lovely finds! I think my favorite is that last purple skirt from Allen Company Inc. Its just so pretty, almost dreamy. I can't wait to see you incorporate them into some outfits!

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