Monday, April 19, 2010

New friends at the fair!

I was pretty excited on the weekend. Not only was I going to the Love Vintage Fair at Canterbury to pick up goodies, I was also getting to meet the lovely Jennifer Lauren of Pretty Little Pictures! I’d been reading her blog for a little while when she mentioned she was moving to Sydney, and I’m glad I was brave enough to invite her to come along with me. It didn’t really feel like I was meeting a stranger at all, strangely enough! Turns out, no surprises, that she’s really lovely. Unfortunately she was feeling a little ill though :(


Top: Review

50s Parisian skirt: Allen Company Inc

Glomesh bag: Bowerbird Vintage

Pearl earrings: gifted

Jade bangle: Hong Kong (can’t see it)

Unfortunately I don't have many pics from inside the fair - they came out poorly in the weird lighting... But I do have one or two!

The make-over victim demonstrating a 1930s evening make up and hair look

Two models demonstrating 1930s evening looks

But on the bright side I had some purchasing successes, things for my etsy store mainly which will pop up soon. Perhaps my favourite finds though were two beautiful cameo brooches.

I had planned to sell them in my shop, but I can’t resist the romance of beautiful cameos! Unless someone can pry them out of my little hands, they’re staying put!

I also had a pretty good day on Saturday, where the lovely Astin Kirby and I hit up Vinnies. She found two fabulous glomesh bags! I came away with a multi-strand pearl necklace (mine mine mine!) and a cute pearl brooch! The brooch may very well live in my jewellery box, for a little while. Can you blame me?

Anyway, must dash, I’ve got lots of work to get to…. I've got to get to work on a little project....

Love WTP x


Kelley Anne said...

Its so nice that you two were able to finally meet. And what a perfect occasion! I'd really like to attend an antique/vintage expo and need to look into if there are any around here. Your finds are amazing, I can't blame you for holding on to them. I especially love the pink and white cameo.

Louise said...

That's so lovely of you to invite Jennifer. I follow her blog too. Perhaps the three of us should meet up sometime?

Sam said...

I'll have to go check out her blog now! It sounds like you had fun!

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