Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Ballet!

On Friday night Astin Kirby and I went to see the ballet Coppelia at the Opera House. It was quite stunning. We both decided to dress up for the event. Pretty dresses, heels, you get the gist.

I was determined to wear a beautiful dress I bought from Dear Golden Vintage, but in the end the weather won out and I decided to wear something slightly more practical and less cold. You’ll see that dress soon anyway, perhaps for a day time event.

We grabbed a quick few pics after the show of our outfits, though they’re not very clear and I apologise…. My dress earnt me many looks. Many, many stares. I don’t think it was in a good way either, more a ‘woah that is bright’ kind of way.

(Yes, I’m a total goof. But check out my earrings. Totally funky!)

50s silk wiggle dress: Bowerbird Vintage

80s hot pink glomesh clutch: ebay

Shoes: Wittner

50s Lucite and rhinestone earrings: Vintage Fabulousness

Here’s what AK is wearing. Can you believe she bought her dress at Bondi Markets for $10?

Dress: Bondi Markets

Shoes: Miss Santa Cruz by Peeptoe Shoes

Vintage gold glo-mesh: thrifted

Don't know about her accessories or coat.....

I think we both looked pretty nifty, if I do say so myself. It really breaks my heart to see people in jeans at the ballet, at the Sydney Opera House. Where has everyone’s sense of appropriateness gone?

Love WTP x

Thanks to AK for the images :) Oh, and I had flesh tone stockings on. Such a wise idea....


Pretty Little Pictures said...

I can't believe people wore jeans to the Ballet!! We are dressing up on Sunday right? Well I was going to anyway :) An afternoon tra type outfit I think.

I hope it stops raining!!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

That was supposed to say 'tea' not tra. :)

Louise said...

You looked gorge.
I'm sure they were stares of jealousy.
Ooh, and what to wear on Sunday??

HelenThura said...

I hear you on jeans at the ballet! I hear you a hundred times.

E. Driscoll said...

Louise: Awh thanks :) Sunday will be tricky with the torrential rain expected...

HelenThura: I'm glad I'm not alone in this view - it just doesn't seem right!

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