Sunday, May 23, 2010

When pretty things arrive in my mail box...

Happy Sunday Afternoon!

It's been a busy weekend. It's amazing how busy I can and will make myself! Friday night I went to the ballet, which was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I will post piccies later of what was worn... And then the rest of the weekend was spent watching wonderful films (Beauty and the Beast, was that your favorite Disney film too?) and eating Thai and other wonderful treats.

But today I got home to find a parcel on my dining table. Whatever could it be?

My parcel of goodies from Jean Jean Vintage! Her store is amazing. Everything from the 20s onwards!

I bought myself the 1920s rhinestone star hair pins and the faux camphor pendant from the 30s as a treat to myself. Gorgeous!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

Love WTP x

P.S. Keep an eye on the my store, plenty of things going on over the next few days including some rhinestone pretties!


Sam said...

These are gorgeous Ellen!! The pretty glass necklace is especially lovely I think! By the way, I am so, so sorry about not posting your sweet interview yet - I've been ill and all sorts of chaos has been going on of late - but I intend to do it this week! Hope you're well and having a good week! XO's

ScottieinaCanoe said...

Jean Jean Vintage does have the most AMAZING jewelry :) Your purchases are lovely!

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