Monday, May 17, 2010

Markets and a fan

On Saturday the lovely LN and I met for a bit of breakfast and browsing Glebe Markets. LN and I have been dear friends since we were 16, and unbelievably, we became friends through our former blogs. Our lives being entwined in unknown ways made it even more amusing - always remember, it's a small world.

I did a lot of trying on scary glasses..... well except the black and rhinestone pair! I did get the glomesh purse in the second photo though. Fun! And yes, my hat is both purple and awesome - actually I have taken to wearing hats a lot to keep my poor fair skin out of the sun.

And look at this colour coordinated rack of vintage clothing - that's my kind of style ;)

And I'm also happy that my necklace from Dear Golden Vintage arrived - it's a cute little gold fan with a different scene on both sides, and opens and closes on its hinge. So sweet!

See you later this week kiddlets, with pretty things to share :)

Love WTP x

P.S. I’ve discovered that when you wash 100% virgin cashmere it smells like wet barn animal. It’s disgusting. Any ideas for curing the smell? There’s nothing really attractive about it, that’s for sure.


E(ileen) said...

I wash my cashmere in the bath tub with Aesop shampoo then conditioner, before rolling it up in a dry towel. It will still smell like a wet animal when wet, but when dry (after laid flat) it should smell of the shampoo/conditioner and not of barn!

E. Driscoll said...

Thanks Eileen, that's a big help. I washed mine with wool wash and it needed a good soak as it had something spilled on it, and even now that it's dry it still smells kinda of goat-like. I'm really hoping a good airing might do the trick....

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