Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Does she wear clothes anymore?

Yes, I know I’ve been so amazingly absent lately – anyone would think I wasn’t wearing clothes in the slightest (please don’t think that, I assure you I most definitely am). Rather, my weekends have been away from home, and of course, away from my camera. Truthfully, some weekends lately have involved jeans and tees and a lot of dirt, dust and moving boxes. Last weekend I was actually dressed like good old me, but things went past in a blur. And I want a new camera anyway.

See, fantastic excuses. So I feel a little disgraced really.

But I promise come this weekend I will be dressed like me, with cups of tea. And there will be baking next week, and dinners out, and a cocktail night piccies to share too. August will see a huge influx of beautiful outfits in fact, with 21sts, masquerade balls, and I might even do a little series on wearing vintage in the office (if you’d like my opinion, I’m talking myself up and assuming you do because you pop by here!). I’m also putting a mini-ban on shopping which will see me get quite cranky. Quite, quite cranky. Impulse purchases will be banished. And exciting squee-worthy packages from Allen Company Inc, Anthropologie, Jean Jean Vintage and Dear Golden Vintage will feature very, very soon.

There, all will be well again.

Love WTP x

P.S. These piccies are from a few weekends ago, wearing my cute 80s dress from Dear Golden Vintage. I do also love my pasty white complexion... even my legs. Don't judge! I often team this dress with a chunky 3 strand 60s faux pearl necklace and black and white heels and a patent belt. But I love it with it's orange sash, 80s thrifted clip on earrings and my thrifted 70s wool hat. Adore!

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lauren said...

you look great!

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