Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ladies who drink

I meant that title to be less offensive. Somehow we sound like girls who hold their liquor on a regular basis. We really don’t.

Well, maybe one or two of us do.

It was cocktails and sweetness Friday night with some lovely ladies for Girls’ Cocktail Night! It was about cocktails and giggles and glamour.

I decided that my outfit inspiration was the sixties. I just felt like thick eyeliner and a cute dress.

So the outfit you ask?

The dress is a 60s number with a low back (that I got compliments on!). I fell droolingly in love with the dress the moment it was uploaded on Allen Company Inc and couldn’t bare to not have it. Some pieces are just like that, aren’t they? Kristina was so nice to allow me to reserve the dress too! What I love about this dress is that it really feels quite modern and yet vintage at the same time.

And the earrings?

They’re from Jean Jean Vintage. Yet another perfectly delightful purchase. Duff’s store is fantastic and she’s one of my all time favourite lovely sellers - I can’t recommend her enough.

Talk to you soon!
Love WTP x

60s pilgrim collar dress: Allen Company Inc
Stockings: Anthropologie
Shoes: Luscious from Wittner
Clutch bag: Fifties Fair 2009
Broadway Date earrings: Jean Jean Vintage

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Sam said...

You look so pretty here!

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