Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quite the Crescendo

It's been a week and I feel most apologetic! I have been so busy I can't even leave the house without my diary. This week will bring birthday celebrations for Astin Kirby, a fashion parade, a masquerade party, and the Fifties Fair on Sunday!

For the moment, I will share some gloves with you.

These came from Cheep Vintage with a dress I bought, and I thought that you might like seeing these little deadstock beauties by Crescendo! They have their original tags attached, including the care instructions and their price from Dayton's, which happens to be $2.69.

I do love that they are described as the 'Wonder' fabric and 'shrinkproof'. They are also meant to get more leathery with washes. I washed them this afternoon, but I don't think 'leathery' is the word I would come up with. Still, they didn't shrink.

I have been searching for a plain pair of gloves for awhile, so these are perfect!

Anyway, see you all soon. Promise!



Louise said...

What time are you planning on getting to the 50's Fair on Sunday? I'm definitely going, but early.

emma wallace said...

How cute are those?!

LN said...

i saw a poster for the 50s fair and thought of you!

Sam said...

Gosh - how elegant - Grace Kelly springs to mind a la Rear Window! You must take lots of photos of yourself in your 50s fair ensemble!!

Anna said...

i love the care instructions!! too cute.

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