Sunday, August 15, 2010

Well fed

How was your weekend? I've been taking it easy and drinking plenty of tea and finally picking up due to my antibiotics.

On the day my horrible chest infection struck, I was still feeling well enough to make it to dinner out with Astin Kirby to Steel Bar and Grill. It is by far one of my favorite restaurants. Every single course was perfect - we both agreed.

Sorry for the lack of full outfit shot, it was cold and dark out on the street, and the photos didn't turn out and I didn't want to hang around with a cough for more photos. But I was wearing my outfit I had planned to wear for my important dinner, which consequentially from being ill I missed all together! (And had come up with a whole new outfit for!).

Love WTP x


Sam said...

I don't know the steel bar and grill - is it in Martin Place? I recognise the fountain! Glad to hear you're picking up!!

Sam said...

Thank you for the info about that restaurant Ellen - it sounds so nice!! I'll go check it out!

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