Sunday, September 12, 2010

Being outrageous

Friday night was yet another.... you guessed it.... 21st! It was a great night at Hemesphere in the city, and playing around with dressing up made great sense.

I decided not to be 'traditionally me' so I wore my Alice McCall A/W 09 poncho and chain dress, an 80s patent bag from Bowerbird Vintage, my Jonathon Aston hold ups and Wittner patent heels. A little more raunchy than usual.... but not really. Anyway, I ultimately wasn't very happy in this outfit, felt awkward and decided that I really wanted to be in a pouffy red rockability style dress like one of the other guests.

Of course, Astin won in her fabulous ring master meets Queen of Hearts outfit. A red and black feather and net top hat fascinator, 80s crop jacket, 80s lace dress, Pulp Kitchen 'Club and Spades' bag and red patent heels.

I had been feeling like between my dad labelling my style 'grandma' and a boy I know suggesting I show more that maybe my clothing was a little too.... well, vintage, but when the glove fits, the glove fits. Looks like vintage wins out again.

Love WTP x

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