Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Letting go of winter...

The spring is here, and we're all noticing the change. Evenings when you don't need your winter coat, the gloves have left our purses, and the air seems filled with the humidity that always promises a decent summer thunderstorm at night. It makes me excited for those outfits that simply consist of a dress and sandals. A cotton dress, and strappy, toenail polish sharing sandals.

But then... well, Anthropologie and some of my favorite bloggers begin to tease me with their Autumn fashions, and I get sad and disappointed and craving plaid skirts and boots and felted hats and cape coats. And I scold myself because I've so been looking forward to the plentitude of summer dresses just waiting around for me.

So, I'm getting it out of my system. I've worn my riding boots every day the past fortnight so I won't be sad to put them away over summer. I'm wearing all my cute sweaters and winter dresses. I'm going mad with scarves. I'm oogling the pretties on other blogs, and then I'm moving on to florals and cotton.

So, here we go, the last of the cool weather adoration....

Don't you just want to wear this gorgeous green jumper from Sally Jane Vintage? I do!

Anthropologie love. I could pretty just buy everything on Anthropologie right now. My bank balance hates me. HATES ME.

Lady Melbourne has made me crave a pale winter coat since I saw this post about a month, maybe two ago. Even though I know how dirty they get.

The always stylish Lauren of Dear Golden has me craving a sort of half mix.... my cotton circle skirts but autumn colours and my trench coat....

And of course, Strawberry Koi's gorgeous outfit here. *sigh*

So, I think I'll be good for a bit now. I think it's time for spring... Now all I need is to switch my wardrobe over... That can wait a fortnight. I'm kind of dreading it.

Love WTP x

(Oh, and I hope the relevant bloggers don't mind me posting their outfit piccies here, any problems email and I will remove :) )

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