Saturday, September 18, 2010

What WTP did...

It's been a little bit mad here and very worrying. I won't go into detail, except to say my dad hasn't been well, and it's been quite troublesome.

I decided to distract myself this morning, in between appointments, by going thrifting in a store nearby where I was. I'm a little bit chuffed I did, actually because I came up with some great stuff. In the glass cabinet was a woman's entire collection of jewellery all in their original boxes! Her family had only just dropped it off the day before, so I got first pick.

This is what I decided to pick for myself.

A beautiful blue glass necklace by Hawke that is 9ct Gold Lined and was bought from Paul Newman's Jewellery and Sports Store (what a combo!) in Newtown. It has a tongue and tube clasp. So pretty! There's also that fantastic rhinestone necklace, and the very cute Demi Parure of earrings and bracelet from Aziki Greenstone and apparently the set are Rhodium Plate. I'm not sure if the box is original to be honest, as the earrings are stamped 'Made in Austria'.

I'm glad I did pick these up, and sad I didn't pick up more. I think I'll be kicking myself for that for awhile, in hindsight there were about three brooches I should've nabbed but I wasn't thinking straight and I had already ran the car up onto the kerb while parking and nearly ran it straight into a telegraph pole during a moment of.... The car is so totally in drive and not reverse (it was totally in reverse.... *sigh*)

I also found.... a Hermes Scarf! Not sure if it's real, but either way I think $2.50 for a silk scarf = bargain. EDIT: research reveals.... Fake.

There was also a cute Ken Done rafia clutch and a sweet 60s interchangeable cover bag, but I didn't have time to snap them.

Funny how a bit of thrifting lifts the spirits for a bit. I really needed it.

Love WTP x

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Jean Jean Vintage said...

Congrats on your finds. I hope all is well with your dad - I'm thinking of you. XX

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