Friday, September 3, 2010

Meow: The black and white party

Last Friday we celebrated Astin’s 21st birthday. Astin Kirby’ formal themed birthday party was based on Truman Capote’s masked black and white ball. So masks, and black and white formal wear were the order of the evening!

Astin looked stunning! She wore a beautiful 50s gown with a cream lace panel, velvet bodice and a taffeta skirt from Little Veggie Vintage. Quite the piece. I spent about three hours on her hair but it was worth it! You can’t see from the pics but she was wearing back seam stockings by Leona Edmiston, and suede shoes from Senso.

I decided that of course the occasion called for some sixties glamour when it came to my outfit! I was going to wear a 50s chiffon gown not unlike Astin’s, but decided to go with something slightly more practical for the cool weather. I was glad I did, as it turned out freezing cold.

Dress, bolero and patent belt set: ebay
Heels: Wittner ‘Luscious’
50s shoe clips: Jean Jean Vintage
Rhinestone earrings: etsy
Gloves: Cheep Vintage
Mask: Panania party store

Of course, that night my dress decided to have a mishap and the zipper teeth stopped meeting, meaning the side of my dress was gaping open. I ended up being sewn into my dress! Sadly though Astin’s dress got a major rip in the velvet under the arm from hugging too many guests. I wanted to sob, it pains me greatly that something that survived 60 years was ruined in a night.

But anyway, I’ll leave you with my favourite pictures of the night:

And look at her amazing cake!

Have a good weekend kiddlets,
Love WTP x


a cat of impossible colour said...

Wow, you're right! The exact same one! How cool. You both look lovely.

Andrea x

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Oh you both look beautiful!! Happy birthday Astin :)

If you want to give me the dress, I'll have a look at it and see if I might be able to fix it. Can't promise, but can certainly try :)


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