Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday night partying

What, another 21st? I know you are thinking it. But such is the season that all the youngin's are turning into adults. Or rather, 'real' adults. I do appreciate that 18 is adulthood in Australia.

You're also probably thinking I should change the name of this blog to 'Ella and Astin Kirby's adventures in clothes' because it seems a lot like that lately! Don't worry, I might stop sharing outfit pics with her next year, when people don't have 22nd birthday parties!

Astin's dress came from Dear Golden Vintage. She adores it! And her shoes? $4.50 from Vinnies. What a steal!

I wore a weird assemblage of things... I sort of stumbled into the fishnet back seam hold ups while in David Jones, and couldn't resist them. The cardigan was just in the wardrobe and got added at the last minute, and I didn't end up wearing an art deco locket. I also straightened my hair for once. It's a big job, but I did appreciate the results all the same.

Dress: etsy store now gone
Cardigan: Friends of Couture
Shoes: Senso
Stockings: Jonathan Aston London 'Fishnet backseam hold ups'
Vintage earrings: Borrowed from Astin
Clutch: Fifties Fair

Love WTP x

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Sam said...

Look at your beautiful hair!! I like your outfit too - very demure but a bit racy with those seamed tights! P.S. I have named a drawing after you as I thought she looked like you! Hope that's OK!

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