Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Champagne, clink clink!

The internet is back, and what a relief. I've been very busy lately aside from no internet, and my poor little blog has fallen to the wayside (as has my Facebook). So, back to the frivolities!

Wednesday night was the Taittinger Champagne and Harpers Bazaar fashion night! Seeing a selection of Alex Perry 50s inspired gowns, sipping Taittinger champagne and enjoying canap├ęs is pretty much my ideal way of spending an evening. And with a dress code of ‘glamorous’ can you imagine my excitement as my mind reeled into fabulous combinations? But the choice was easy as soon as I remembered this 50s black chiffon gown in my second wardrobe (uh, second wardrobe.... yes).

50s chiffon gown: Strawberry Koi
Innovare Berenice heels: Myer
60s clutch: Rose Seidler house 50s fair
Art deco hair pins and ring: Jean Jean Vintage
60s earrings: inherited

Love WTP x


lauren said...

so jealous! i want to attend an event such as that!

Jean Jean Vintage said...

I love the first picture of you against that backdrop! Looks like a movie premier :) You look fabulous, as always. And I'm so happy the hair pins got to go to the party.

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