Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Smart Shopping

Recently I won a $200 Westfield card from Super Kawaii Mama thanks to Nuffang and CBA and was super excited. At first I was tempted to rush into Max & Co and buy that skirt I had my eye on but then I decided to re-think my choice. After all, a skirt isn’t really an investment in fashion, lovely though Max & Co is. So I started to think of other items I’ve been pining over. My mind instantly came to this bag.

I’ve been drooling over this bag for a long time. It is part of Mimco’s Signature Collection and has the hefty price tag of $500. I love Mimco’s bags, they have the softest leather, and they last and last forever, but $500 still seemed a big ask on my bank account... Then Mimco had a Valentine’s Sale with 25% off. So between the sale price and the Westfield card, in total this bag cost me $174. A smart fashion investment indeed.

Love WTP x


Sam said...

Oh! It's darling! Yes, I can see why it caught your attention! I think it will go with almost everything too!

Ellen said...

yay for mimco!

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