Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's all about the curves

I'd love your help to become the ambassador for my shape. Triumph Shapewear is looking for an ambassador for the Rembrandt shape, and I'd love to promote how healthy and fantastic curves can be.

When I was younger, I was a lot thinner, unhealthily so, and it's taken a little work to realise that being the weight I am is both healthy and beautiful. I don't have many pictures of myself from this period, but as you can see from this picture around the age of 16, I was a bit painfully thin. I had tiny thighs and arms and my hips bones stuck out. I barely ate and I was miserable.

So even though there are those days I look in the mirror and feel like the incredible blob, I've learnt to be much more positive and proud about what I've got. And yes, I'll tell you a secret... I wear shapewear! Sometimes nothing but a little smoothing here and sucking there makes your wiggle dress look right (don't we all know that?).

Anyway, I'd love the support from you to be a shape ambassador! I'd really appreciate the few seconds it will take you. You can vote for me here.

Love WTP x


Sam said...

Oh lady! I can't tell you how gorgeous you are as you are now! I think you are the perfect weight for your bone structure height etc. That photo from way back - deary me - if I may be perfectly frank - it's not good being that slim. So glad you saw the light! Hope you're well!

Jean Jean Vintage said...

I just voted for you and your curves! You are a beautiful bombshell, dear Ellen. Thanks for sharing this intimate post.

Kelly said...

Just voted with Tim Tam in hand :)

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