Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mad Men & Martinis

It was a Madmen night at The Victoria Room on Thursday night and as soon as my fine self heard about it I got really excited and knew that the martinis were calling my name. Ok, and a Banana Split. It was a delicious banana split.

My lovely co-workers were my company for the night, and we had a great time. I actually picked their dresses from my own collection, which was wonderful to see my dresses on other girls.

After much umming and ahhing, I decided to go with my beautiful pink silk dress from Bowerbird Vintage (it’s one of my favourites), Wittner Luscious heels, a Dear Golden Vintage mid-century patent handbag, and jewels that I inherited from my grandma. My outfit won me Best Dressed on the night and I took home a signed copy of the delicious High Tea at The Victoria Room book. I feel I'll be mixing a few of my own drinks and cake mixes soon.

If you want to go along the final Madmen night at The Victoria Room, then here are the details.

Love WTP x

P.S. We girls had hoped that the handsome Don Draper would take us home, but sadly he didn’t show ;)


Blue Fruit said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous! We need a night like this in Melbourne too! You all look SO pretty in those wonderful gowns {I can't even write the word "dress", or maybe "frock" then?}.

Delightful fun!

Louise said...

Congrats Ellen. Wil you be going to the final one?

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