Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Nothing seems to change, I still love pink and I still love easter eggs. I think the photo of me as a kid was taken around Easter, 1992. The other photo was taken on Thursday at work where I was enjoying the bottom of a meringue rabbit.

I hope you are having a joyous Easter. I certainly am! My basket of goodies is overflowing, much like my waistline will be tomorrow! Happy Easter lovely readers, I hope the bunny was generous.

Love WTP x


Jean Jean Vintage said...

It is soooo fun to see a picture of a wee Ellen! Thank you for sharing - it totally made my day.

Louise said...

Ooh, love the look of that meringue rabbit.
A mouse got into my Easter eggs at my parents place. I guess my teeth should be thankful.

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