Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mum

In this photo, it's 1989. I'm wearing a sailor dress, and no doubt, socks and sandals. Can't have cold baby toes! My mum, at this stage in her life, was a competitive ballroom dancer, hence the red cropped hair. Ironically, since then, she's grown it out, changed the colours, and... cropped it all back off again. These days she sports a fetching pixie cut.

Mum still wears the Nefertiti pendant in this photo. I always loved that pendant, so my gran got me my own. I remember as a kid too she had this white sundress with bright large coloured polkadots on it and I thought it was fantastic! These days, strangers see my mum dressed for work in elegant tailored suits with gorgeous heels and tell her she's a 'fashionista'. I quite agree, and I'm always a little proud when I see my mum decked up for work. She rocks a suit. Truly.

When I was about 10, my mum took me shopping and bought a blue paisley skirt and a cute blue singlet top to match that I ended up wearing to death. When I thanked her for them, she said, 'That's ok. I like you to be in nice clothes'. She's always been like that and I've been ever grateful. She even indulged me occassionally with lovely high heels when I was a teen. I still remember the first pair she bought me - caramel suede peeptoe sling backs. It's her fault I have a shoe addiction. It's genetic. When we see a nice pair of shoes we squeal at the same time, 'Ooooooooooh! Those shoes!'.

Happy Mother's Day, Mum.

Love WTP x

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