Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's old is new...

I will admit I have a little soft spot for Mimco, and today I got a little waylaid while looking up something else and was browsing their jewellery. I nearly fell over however when I saw how 'vintage inspired' their pieces are. If you love these fabulous pieces but don't have deep pockets, why not try the originals?
Mimco products are at the top, the vintage pieces below. Click on the images to be linked to the Mimco & Vintage products.

Pearl Explosion Wrist :

Manhattan Glamour Choker:

The Dandy Bow Brooch:

Now there's really no excuse not to be blinged up!

Love WTP x

(All images shown here are the property of the respective etsy store owners)


Jean Jean Vintage said...

Good eye Ellen! It is pretty interesting to see old styles copied so completely by modern companies. Thank you for including my brooch!

Blue Fruit said...

What a sharp eye you have! I agree, the original vintage is always much nicer.

But these are SO similar ~ incredible matching!

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