Monday, July 25, 2011

Feeling Rosey

Just a quick hi, hi, hello! I’ve been having the most chaotic week and a half of my life, but I don’t like to neglect you. I recently got a little more tech savvy with my very own iPad which is helping me stay in touch with everything, though barely. I do rather like how light and portable it is, so I wander around a lot using it. I’m resisting taking it to the bathroom with me though. I wear this outfit more times than is advisable; it’s a go-to outfit. You know the one, the ‘I feel fat and ugly and none of my clothes look nice on me and I have nothing to wear, wah wah wah!’ outfits. I’m a huge fan of this 50s wool skirt from The Church of Vintage. It’s the pleated back section that does it for me with the cute pink button embellishments. And of course, I teamed it with my Allen Company Inc 50s rose appliqué cardi. My earrings are from Jean Jean Vintage.

I'll be back soon,
Love WTP x


Teresa said...

I keep umming and aahing about getting an iPad but I think it's allure will catch me very soon!

I hope your week isn't continuing to be too hectic. I always find my go-to-outfit (I adore my corduroy skirt) makes me feel better and yours is so adorable!

Barn House Antiques said...

iPads are great. They are so great and portable, great to take away when you go on holidays.

I hope your life calms down for you!!

jin said...

This Outfits are looking very best on you and the important things was, You haven't look fat in this outfits. Nice Skirts.

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