Thursday, July 28, 2011

A few of my favorite things

I've been home from work with the flu again. I hate being away from doing everything I normally do. And I hate not being able to get dressed. But I try to cheer myself by surrounding myself with a few of my favorite things (ok, now I'm humming it!).

I only wear three prefumes. I love these three so much that I have back up bottles so I never run out. From what I've heard though Anna Sui has been discontinued, which I hope isn't true. But just in case I bought an extra two bottles for myself this week. I can't really defend myself on that count. Whenever I'm sick though, I like to have a bath with the Chanel No.5 bath gel, lather myself in the Velvet Body Cream and then spritz the perfume on and feel slightly less disgusting in bed.

This rather worn out specimen of a polar bear is Teddy Russ. He's been my companion since I was a little girl, and he's a bit worse for wear. He's been restuffed at least once, and he's lost patches of hair, but he's probably the first thing I'd grab in a house fire. Apart from my dog, of course.

These are my new shoes. The Beatrix heels from Wittner. They look so damn good with 50s style dresses and skirts. They're just too pretty to look at - all shiney patent and pointy toed.

I know you've seen the icecube necklace before, but these are a few of my other favorites. They're art deco which you know I'm nuts for. From left clockwise, Creme Caramel 20s necklace and Ice Cube Necklace both from Jean Jean Vintage, the paste bow necklace was a gift, and the rhinestone necklace is from Decoschmeco.

70s wedge heels from Maries Vintage. I love these so damn much. At the present in fact I'm crazy about all 70s wood heeled shoes. I'm just waiting for warmer weather to wear them so my toes don't freeze off.

What are your favorite things that make you feel better when you're sick?

Love WTP x


Jean Jean Vintage said...

I'm so honored to be among your favorites! I know you have a great collection. I would LOVE to see it in person. Feel better very soon!

Sam said...

I love the poison range too! I've tried about three of them so far but I think the original in the deep purple bottle is my fave so far.

Hope you're OK now - there seems to be a lot of bugs out there at this time of the year!

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