Sunday, August 7, 2011


I went out nearly a fortnight ago now for my friend K’s birthday (she's the red head). I can’t believe it was two years ago we were celebrating her 21st with a Noir themed party (read here) and now it’s her 23rd birthday and we hit the pub.

This is the outfit I mentioned on twitter* that I was nervously trying out for the night. Normally they go with much softer items in my wardrobe (and a tank top underneath that blouse). But I decided to try something so different just to shake things up for once. Life is too short not to just try something different for a night. The blouse is Natasha and the ankle boots are Modcloth, the suede mini skirt is 80s from Allen Company Inc, and the necklace is from 40s lucite from Jean Jean Vintage. I think of this really as ‘vintage mix’ and it was fun for just the night to pretend I was a slight bit of a rock star or something.

Love WTP x
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Jean Jean Vintage said...

You look RAD Ellen! I'm beginning to think you can really pull off any look that you choose.

Louise said...

You look great. Different to your usual look, but me like. It is fun to try different personalities every now and then.

taylor said...

This Outfits are looking best on you and you are looking very Pretty and gorgeous.

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