Thursday, September 1, 2011

La Boheme

Another trip to the Opera, this time I planned it as a surprise for Astin’s birthday. We went last Friday night to see La Boheme, a Puccini Opera that was re-set in 1920s Berlin. Astin and I both loved it.

I wore a silver Calvin Klein dress I bought on ebay. Isn’t it beautiful? Silver lame on black chiffon. I just adore it. I bought it for a bargain too (yes, under $40 including shipping!), which makes me very happy.

Shoes: Wittner
Cardigan: Friends of Couture
Weiss 60s ‘Firework’ earrings: Jean Jean Vintage
Bag: Dear Golden Vintage

Love WTP x

1 comment:

Jean Jean Vintage said...

Hooray the Firework earrings went to the opera!

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