Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hair and now

Over the weekend I had a little disaster involving a candle and the front section of my hair. Needless to say flame + hair is never a good combination. Thankfully (!!!) it only affected a tiny bit of my hair, and it has now been cropped into a little side fringe. I will show you shortly. However looking at my hilarious new hair addition, I started to look at a few of my previous hair looks. Which is your favorite from over the years?


Teresa said...

I love your Cousin IT impression! I remember a friend of mine doing something similar in high school. Haha!

You look so adorable in curls!

So sorry to hear about your fire and hair incident (EEK!) but I can't wait to see your new do! :D

Sam said...

All your hair dos over the years are terrific - I particularly like the photo of you in the garden with the tree branches and the hat - very 40s!

star pluss said...

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Shamar Cely said...

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