Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2012 on the blog. I've been such a busy bee lately I haven't even posted about my birthday, that will be this week. In the meanwhile, I'm enjoying my last day before I'm back to the office with a good book (Kylie Chan's Blue Dragon) while wearing my amazing 1930s Asian-print pjs from Bread & Butter Vintage. I don't actually sleep in them, they're more 'lounge wear' - what to wear when you don't have to wear anything but feel obligated to get out of your nightie for the day. Hell, I might even wear the top out with a denim skirt.

Love WTP x

P.S. No New Year's resolutions this year apart from not letting myself getting burned out like I did this past year. What about you guys?


Pretty Little Pictures said...

Happy Birthday and New Year Ellen!! I'm so sorry I missed your birthday invite - I'm so bad with Facebook and just completely missed it. A catch up is in order! And toot sweet!

Wild Tea Party said...

Kooky - I literally just pressed send on an email to you about catch up Jen!

Teresa said...

Gorgeous PJs! So perfect for lounging around in a feeling decadent.

I've never been great with new year resolutions. This year, I'm just going to be generally more positive and take things as they come.

Happy new year Elle!

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