Monday, March 26, 2012

It's officially Autumn

Whistles tee: Asos
50s linen skirt: Novella Bleu
Tan belt: The Vintage Mistress
Flats: Anthropologie
Vintage Perrier silk scarf: Tresors
Vintage Sarah Coventry Cuff: Mirror Vintage
Vintage bamboo handle bag: Allen Company Inc

It's Autumn. Not like the odd cool day among the summer ones like normal. I’m talking Sydney didn’t get a summer, just buckets of rain, and now the air has that cold chill to it that makes you reach for your trench coat. Despite not being thrilled about it (even though Autumn is my favorite season, I do like a little warm weather first) I decided I’d just go with the flow and start embracing warmer clothes, sadly sending my un-worn, still pressed cotton sundresses to storage.

Love WTP x


Teresa said...

Aw, I'm sorry you didn't get to enjoy a proper summer. :( However… autumn is such a fabulous season and I'm sure you'll be feeling 100% about it soon! ;)

Love your outfit. Your accessories are so perfectly coordinated… as always! :)

Anonymous said...

You never know, you may still get an opportunity to wear that sun dress ... with a cardigan perhaps?!
Kel xo

Jean Jean Vintage said...

Oh my god it is RESORT Ellen! Lovely as ever.

Mica said...

Love that skirt! you never know the sun might pop out again, it's started to warm up a bit here after having to wear cardis!

Ellen said...

this is a great outfit.

Free Coupons said...

That is a nice outfit and you look gorgeous.

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