Monday, October 15, 2012

Gran's 80th




My grandma turns 80 today. She was born in the year the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened, raised in the midst of The Great Depression, and seen good men go to war, including her brother. She remembers being able to play tennis on King Georges Road (now a 6 lane major road in Sydney) and the Georges River being crystal clear. She grew up always wanting curly hair, and would make her mother take her to different hairdresser each time in the hope they could cut some curl into it - these days she has it permed. My family had a beautiful lunch to celebrate this landmark birthday at SummerSalt on the beach at Cronulla and the waitress surprised my Nan with a candle on her dessert plate. 

I love this outfit. I own this top in plain black, but my friend had also bought this polkadot version. She had never worn it (never worn! I know, it was still in it's shipping bag from Anthro...) and sold it to me because I love it. I also have a thing now for Gorman's shoes. They're so ridiculously comfortable and these heels are no exception. I got them for over 50% off which is also a steal.

Love WTP x

Anthropologie, 70s skirt: Thrush Vintage, Belt: Cue, Heels: Gorman, Art Deco Earrings: Boylerpf Jewelry

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Jean Jean Vintage said...

You and your Grandma share the same beautiful expression! It looks like it was a wonderful celebration.

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