Wednesday, October 31, 2012





It's the spookiest day of the year! Except, not, because mainly we just have a lot of fun.
Halloween at work is a bit tricky, especially when it's stinking hot (thanks all-over-the-place Sydney weather). But I did pretty well in a halloween-inspired colour scheme of orange, yellow, black and white. I even pinned black roses into my hair and wore cat ears around the office.
Over the weekend Ast came over and we greeted the pre-organised trick or treat youngsters in our Dorothy and Jasmine costumes. Astin makes a great Princess Jasmine I think, and Bobs helped out, pretending for about ten seconds to be Toto before she leaped from my arms and nose dived into the candy bowl for the kids. Oops.
Love WTP x
Dorothy costume: 50s Vintage dress: Revolving Styles Vintage, Shoes: Irregular Choice,
Work outfit: 50s blouse: SewCharmed, Print skirt: etsy , Star flats: Senso, Belt: Cue, Art Deco ring: Jean Jean Vintage, black flowers in hair: H&M singapore, hairstyle: tutorial here.

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Teresa said...

I love your skirt. It has such a fabulous print. I also think you make an adorable Dorothy. :)

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