Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis the season


I love December... it's Christmas time (and everyone knows that's the best kind of time), there's sunshine, decorations, lights, family, friends, and then it's my birthday and New Years. So, I'm super busy and super tired at the moment with all the functions I'm (gladly!) running around to. Being so busy though really makes me appreciative of just how lovely it is to be around the house though, laying on the sofa, staring at the Christmas lights and watching Christmas movies.
It's been so enjoyably warm lately, so I stole... um borrowed... this dress from Astin. It's a Bernie Dexter dress she got from Modcloth and it's so cool and comfortable, and has hidden pockets which is a big win for me. I added my Alex Munroe Bee necklace. It makes me so happy, it's just perfect for teaming with a garden dress.

Love WTP x

Bernie Dexter dress: borrowed, Sandals: Senso, Alex Munroe necklace: Anthropologie but you can buy it


Teresa said...

I love the print on that Bernie Dexter dress. So green, fabulous and perfect for AU summers!

Have a fabulous Xmas Elle.

Harlow Darling said...

Ohh the Graceful Greenery dress! It looks so gorgeous on you! I am in love with this print but I've got my heart set on the Happy Valley print (it's similar to this but has wooden bridges and water lilies on it). Your Christmas tree looks wonderful too!
Hope it isn't too hot where you are, I am melting...:P

Anonymous said...

Such a cute dress! I love, love the print!


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