Monday, December 10, 2012

Seaside weekend

I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle at Sussex Inlet over the weekend with the family. I was lucky this time, we got a whole weekend rather than a lunch time visit. Friday night we all got a bit silly on my aunt's homemade limoncello and ate garlic prawns and grilled fish with salad for dinner. Saturday morning made me gleeful; I got up early, went for a power walk by the river, had breakfast, then visited the markets. Around lunch time we all piled into my uncle's car for tour of the area. All the girls in the back with our sunhats and calls for coffee, of course! Saturday night dinner was at the local RSL before we came back to the house, got a torch out and looked for bats in the back garden trees (as you do, naturally). The best bit was of course visiting the amazing beaches and river there. We even saw a duckling going for a paddle with it's parents as we sat on a wharf.

Back later in the week,
Love WTP x


Teresa said...

I haven't been to Sussex Inlet in years. I use to visit the south coast of NSW all the time when I lived in Canberra. It's such a beautiful place, as shown in your phtoos.

Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

Non de Plume said...

That looks wonderful. Warmed a cold morning in the UK somewhat!

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