Monday, August 5, 2013

At the cemetery

It may seem morbid, but I love wandering through cemeteries on sunny days. Aside from the eerie beauty of the crypts and gravestones with angels, anchors and Celtic crosses, they tell amazing stories about families. The marriages, the death of children, the loss of a partner, who remarried, were outlived, who disappeared, who sailed foreign seas and who hasn’t gone yet. I find the empty plots the saddest, because they are waiting for someone – normally a wife or a husband, or their children. That reservation is so final.

But maybe that's a bit depressing. I don't know. You can tell me if it is. We can talk about shoes and nail polish instead, if you like.

Love WTP x

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Teresa said...

It's not depressing it's retrospective. :)

Teresa said...
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Anonymous said...

I actually found that refreshing to hear such deep yet morbid thoughts :) Yes lipgloss and fashion are fun, but sometimes stepping back and appreciating the gift of life is beautiful thing :)

Jen said...

Is that Rookwood? That place is awesome :) And looking pretty as a picture as always.

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