Friday, August 9, 2013



I saw Tosca at the Sydney Opera House with my bestie on Tuesday night. Aside from the excellent performance, we had a wonderful time together. We're kindred spirits, the kind of friends who will be little old ladies in our rocking chairs having the same ridiculously inappropriate conversation (and boy are they) over and over again. I always come away from our get-togethers feeling a million times better from laughing our heads off and saying ridiculous things like, 'Shelves in the closet, happy thought indeed!' and 'He's not a Darcy or a Wickham, he's merely a Collins!'.

Secret time - this is my Mum's 60s dress from Bowerbird Vintage. It’s so cosy. I wore it with my grandmother's rhinestone demi parure. When she passed away my aunt took all of her beautiful rhinestone jewellery sets, but when she realised how much I love vintage she sent some along to me. I am so happy to have such sweet pieces. This is my favourite set - it's understated yet elegant.

Love WTP x


Harlow Darling said...

Gorgeous LBD! I love the cut and that it has sleeves, perfect for seeing an evening show in winter. The sparkly brooch together with the simple understated dress is stunning!!

Miss Maple said...

You're looking very, very elegant. And I'm glad that you have these lovely pieces of jewelery to perpetuate your grandmother's memory

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