Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Winter bloom

The winter is nearly over and the sun is out, with warm days predicted ahead. I cannot wait to be bare-legged and sandal-footed in the very near future! The winter always makes me a little down in the dumps about life no matter how hard I try to feel otherwise. No number of tights, delicious candles burning, fresh orchids in vases, new duvet covers or soft leather boots I buy makes the dark and cold feel okay.

I long for soft cotton dresses and open-toed shoes to show off obnoxious shades of toenail polish like jade, coral, sunshine yellow and magenta ... the sun on my shoulders, straw hats and ice-blocks... the smell of the sea (just not the sand) and lazy afternoons on picnic rugs with lemonade and deli food... martinis and chandelier earrings at a little restaurant down near the ocean... and the ever cheerful sight of my straw bag with my painted parasol and a good book poking out the top.

Yes, bring the sun and the sangria, pronto. I'll pack the sun lotion.

Love WTP x


Anonymous said...

It seems I am the only one dreading the warmer weather. I don't want to give up my winter coats and wool stockings yet.

Miss Maple said...

Your blue vase bargain goes well with all the other blue things especially these fabulously blue flowers. What are they?
In your post you're telling me what I will miss in the next few months here in the northern hemisphere. Spring, summer and autumn are very pleasant seasons but I would completely accept if winter only would last one month at longest.

Wild Tea Party said...

@Miss Maple - These lovely flowers are white orchids that have been stem dyed blue by the florist. They're really eye-catching but unfortunately not the real deal.

And I'm in agreement, a month of winter is plenty!

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