Sunday, September 1, 2013

Heidi braids

Happy Spring! The sun is out here, with my predicted bare-legged days. I've spent a lot of today outside in the sun sipping tea and working (work for pleasure, not work-work!). And because the weather is making me feel so cheery, I decided that having cute hair was a must...

So, here we go, my frequently worn and beloved Heidi braids in tutorial form. Do I love this do? Why yes, yes I do! Even though it looks a little alp-y in feeling with this embroidered top, it's a fresh look that works with a range of styles - I love it with warm cashmere cardis in autumn and cute floral dresses in spring.

Click 'Read more' to get the instructions!

What you need:
  • 15 or so bobby pins
  • A brush
  • A comb
  • 2 fine elastics
  • Medium to long hair
1, 2 & 3. Brush your hair out and create a part where you want it. I like my part at the front to be slightly to one side. From the crown however I make the part straight down the middle at the back. 

4 & 5. Take one side and start plaiting the hair from just above and behind your ear. When you get to the end secure with a thin elastic. 

6. Repeat for the other side so you have matching braids. Pretend for a moment you are Pippi Longstocking.

7 & 8.  Pull the plait you just did across the top of your head, pinning along it into the plait in a sideways direction to secure. If your hair is shorter than mine, you won't have the excess hanging off the end like I do but you will have the tail end of your plait loose. Ignore this and simply put your last bobby pin through the hair elastic.

9 & 10. Pull the second plait behind first plait and repeat the pinning process, this time from behind.

11 & 12. With the two ends, tuck the tails under the other plait and pin them to secure so they 'disappear'. If your hair is long like mine, I find wrapping the ends back behind and then pinning the ends under the main braid. Done!

Hair spray and trot on off to wherever you are going for the day.

Love WTP x


Helen said...

aww, I used to love doing this when I had long hair
really like your top too

Teresa said...

Oh to have long hair!
The braids look so beautiful on you.

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