Friday, November 15, 2013

Will you be under the tree?

As I sit here tonight listening to carols and cicadas outside, I can feel Christmas sneaking up on me. So, I figured it was the best time to compose my wish list letter for Santa and the Birthday Fairy. This list feels so much more grown up than last time I did one of these. What's on your list for the silly season?

Dear Santa and Birthday Fairy,

You will both be visiting at the end of December. Perhaps, if you were so generous, you could leave one or two of these for me in my stocking or in a pretty pink gift bag.

So here goes...

A donation to the RSPCA. Seriously, that would make me giddy happy!

A Vintage Venus Oriental Deco print. How cool is this one

Can anyone say copper or tortoise heels? I can. These Mimco heels are awesome. I'm a 38, just in case you're wondering. 

Animal dessert plates make anything taste sweeter, I am convinced.

These sheets. Please? I'm really feeling like going uber girly in the bedroom department. 

Lush's Sikkim Girls body cream and perfume. The smell is divine!

Kind regards, 

Love WTP x


Nancy Wilde said...

Those animal plates awwww :)
Deco prints are so beautiful in general, usually love them.

Anonymous said...

Donation to the RSPCA! Yes! :) All the best pets are from there.

Teresa said...

Those plates are wonderful!

I haven't even started to think about Xmas yet… eep!

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