Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lipstick lover

I'll admit it. I love lipstick... I love seeing the colours and shades at the cosmetic counters. I love how it brightens my face when I'm tired. I love how the colour I wear tells people of the mood I'm in. And because of that, when I clear out my beauty cupboard, lip products out number anything else I own. That said, I mostly wear a couple of colours to death and the others get rare outings, because when you're on to a winner, well, why not stick with it? So today's post is about my favorite lipsticks. 

  • Giorgio Armani Rouge d'armani sheers hydrating in plum #601. This is the deep dark plum that's been popular on runways. It's sultry, it's wintry, it's perfect for vintage looks of the deco kind. It's also very moisturing on the lips and lasts a good few hours. 
  • Giorgio Armani Rouge d'armani lasting satin plum #600. This is a bold pink plum tone. It's brighter for those days you really need a lift on your face. And I have to call it, the 'lasting satin' range of Giorgio Armani lip colours have thoroughly impressed me. It amazes me to look in the mirror after four or five hours including drinks and food, and still see it firmly on my face. 
  • Jane Iredale Lip Pencil in berry. This is great for all my purple/plum tone lippies that need a definite line.

  • Clarins Joli Rouge Soft Berry #705. This lippy is a good day to day wear. Not too bright, but good on the face for a quiet day in the office. I think it's a good shade for most skin tones as well. 
  • Clarins Joli Rouge Clarins Red #716. This is the perfect red for me. Just, perfect. Whenever I wear red, this is the first red I reach for. It just works for tonal reasons - not too orange, pink or blue. Sadly, it has no staying power. I have to reapply it frequently. If it had the staying power of GA lippies, I'd live with it on.
  • Estee Lauder Silk Red - this is my amazingly deep blue red lipstick that always gets a comment. However, it's not a good stayer and has a tendency to end up on my teeth, other people's faces, clothing, glasses, napkins... you get the idea. But it's still worth a mention because it always gets a double take and really holds up well in photographs. (Oh, the colour is discontinued... boo!)
  • Laura Mercier Anti Feather Lip Pencil in clear. Basically, it disappears after you draw it on, so it works with any lipstick, leaving it doing heavy duty in my make up bag! I highly recommend it. 
So there you have it, my lipstick loves. What is your favourite shade or brand? I'm always looking to give more lippies a go *winkwink*.

Love WTP x

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