Monday, August 25, 2014

Rose Seidler House Fifties Fair 2014

What could be a better time to return to outfit posts than the Fifties Fair? Feels good to be back on here wearing something so fabulous. I snapped a few pics at home before I left because I wasn't sure if I'd get any decent photos there, though I'm sure plenty of other people did! I posed for photos galore. 

I love the vibe at the fair... they're my people. Everyone is always in a fantastic mood, with compliments flying, and sharing tales of your outfit with people. Not even the rain could dampen the spirit. I had a lovely chat with two ladies who wanted to know how I wear vintage on a daily basis, and another chat with a lady who used toilet rolls to pin curl her hair! I also made two little purchases which I will be sharing on here soon - can't wait to show you!

I bought my hat purposefully for the event. Of course, I think I cursed it, as it decided to rain for awhile during the middle of the day. Oh well! The Melissa shoes were also a brilliant purchase for the grounds - what between all the mud and wet, I wasn't worried about destroying my shoes. 

The Vintage Drawer 1950s Alex Colman dress, Jessamity 1950s hat, Dear Golden 1950s cashmere cardigan, my grandmother's screwback mid-century earrings, Allen Company 1950s needlepoint purse, Mel by Melissa heels


Katie Buddle said...

Hi! I saw you there and thought you looked beautiful. These are some great pictures! Happy to find your blog :-)

Love, Katie

Whimsical Preppy said...

So nice to see your fun photos! That fair looks like a lot of fun, everything from the clothes to the cars.
I love your dress and makeup. The shoes are so nice and I was wondering what made them good for the rain. I'm not familiar with Melissa shoes. Shoes are so tricky in the rain and the fair would have been so much nicer on a sunny day.
Thanks for sharing,

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