Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The scruffy friends

I've been reflecting a lot lately on what makes life worthwhile, and I realised that I've been quite scared... about everything. I haven't been expressing myself the way I like with my clothes, or the way I live. Things are changing, and I'm getting the courage up to do it, and the support. And one of those things is just going wild with how I dress. Hair scarf with a giant bow on top of my head? Sure! Rhinestones on my sweater to work? Done. Stilettos to Pilates... er, maybe not (though downward dog would probably be easier*). Wearing victory rolls and red lipstick everywhere I can, uh, yes! 

I wore this on the weekend to brunch with two of my lovely friends. As we walked down the street a guy told me I had awesome style, to which one of my friends replied, 'That means we're your scruffy friends'. But they're not scruffy, they just don't wear victory rolls and croc platforms to brunch, that's all. Besides, have you noticed my missing button? I left the house with a missing button on my cardigan. I'm très scruff

Gorman cardigan and heels, Anthropologie dress, Labradorite earrings from The Rocks Markets, Jean Jean Vintage Art Deco bracelet, Prada Dixie sunglasses

*Small fact: even when I was at my most bendy wendy yoga body and I'm talking turn myself inside out do things that made people cringe... I could never do downward dog properly. My thigh muscles are too short thanks to a spinal condition and I cannot release enough to do the pose. Annoying!


cosmo said...

You look great ! I'd love to have a tutorial on that particular hairstyle, cos you have very long hair as I do and I hardly find tutorials for people with waist long hair....

Miss Rosette Brune said...

love your hair,
especially that thing on the right side, really lovely, a short tutorial
maybe, anyway good luck with your plans

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