Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Making bubble wrap neck wear a thing

If you follow me on Instagram, no doubt you saw me looking ridiculous with a giant bubble wrap bow around my neck on Friday night. My 'brother' held a cocktail party for the his 21st birthday last week with the theme 'outrageous neck wear'. I pretty much fashioned this bubble wrap bow at the last minute because I had made a neck piece for the party with a thousand sequins hand pinned, and doofusly left it at home. Hours of my life I will never get back, nor praised for. Given this bow took me a grand total of two minutes and a couple of bits of sticky tape to make, it got plenty of attention. About as much as the guy with the toilet seat around his neck.

I also carried my Dorset Rex bag for the first time. Super duper love this bag, it's exactly the kind of bag I've been hunting for awhile. 

Lou Murray Vintage 1950s dress, Wittner 'Howling' heels, The Last Curtsy Dorset Rex Bag, 1950s rhinestone earrings and bracelet, Jean Jean Vintage Edwardian Jet choker as arm band, bubblewrap

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