Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Melbourne Cup Day was yesterday

Has it really been another year? There's no Halloween pics of my outfit this year, which I feel quite bad about but couldn't be helped. I was in no fit state for a photo! Being the mega-klutz that I am, I slammed my face into the pavement outside the restaurant on my Halloween night out when I misjudged the step. It was as graceful as face planting can be, which is to say, not very. Though the staff member who was nursing my face as I laid where I fell waiting for the ambulance assured me that I was very modest in my 50s skirt and other girls have needed a blanket to hide their panties. Which, let's just say having to lay on the pavement waiting for the ambulance to come and getting asphalt imprint in my chest, and breathing in street dirt, and the bleeding and pain was made just barely more tolerable in the knowledge no one saw my underpants. And so now I have a black eye and a bruised cheek and a sling for my sore left arm but I took it off because I wasn't ruining yet another opportunity for photos (but I will let the sunnies hide the facial evidence). 

I'm wearing the beautiful dress from Elise Design S/S14 that Thu gifted me after I modeled for her at Elise Boutiques' 10th Anniversary party. The colours in this and the button detailing down the front is adorable, but what impresses me most is how lovely the fabric in this dress is. Not only is it lined, it's so nice against the skin and floated beautifully around my legs as I walked. Double fabric bonus: machine wash on delicate cycle! I could dedicate a sonnet to this dress for that alone. I resent that pile of dry cleaning in the corner of my bedroom. This dress will be available shortly, so please check out the website. And of course, you've seen this hat before, but I couldn't resist wearing it again with a simple bun. 

Also, please, spare a thought for the two beautiful animals who lost their lives at yesterday's race. Yes, I love traditions and hats, no, I don't approve of the misuse of animals for entertainment. 

Elise Design dress, RMK heels, Jessamity 50s hat, Mimco earrings, Miu Miu glasses


Harlow Darling said...

I LOVE your hat!!!!!! That dress is so lovely, I really enjoyed the photos of the Elise fashion show that Kayla posted on instagram, all of you ladies looked amazing :D

I am very sad about what happened at the Melbourne Cup, I would like to hope that next year the whole event will be boycotted by animal rights activists.

Kayla said...

Soooo stunning! I love that dress and the hat is wonderful! I loveee your outfits... What a fun night it was at Elise Boutiques' 10th Anniversary party! x

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