Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Easy Victory Rolls for long hair

So I had that post a month or so ago with victory rolls looking like a scruff bag, and got asked for a hair tute of it. Always happy to oblige... 

Start with brushed out hair with a side part. 
Add some dry shampoo for a bit of volume and texture at the roots if needed. Don't worry about looking wild, volume is good!
Section off the front of the hair from the top of your head down to your ears. Secure the rest of the hair back. 
Working on the thinner section, take a comb and back comb from the back, not the front. 

That section you back combed? Yeah, it now stands out from your head on its own. 
Using your opposite hand, place the section over two fingers. Wrap the ends around those fingers. I cannot roll from the ends as my hair is simply too long and it ends up a disaster.
Slide your fingers out of the roll gently, pulling the ends towards the inside as you go. Go slowly!
You should now be left with a victory roll. 

Pin that curl in place by sliding in bobby pins into either end, having the flat side, not the crimpy side, facing up. And then spray it (face pulling optional). 
Now back comb the other side, putting more teasing onto the section closest to the ear, as this is generally finer and needs a little more omph. 
Taking two fingers from the opposite hand, drap the hair over and begin the rolling process again. 
This will form a long, fat roll, so go slow as you ease your fingers out and the ends in, carefully shaping it along the side of your face. Use a comb to smooth the roll if you need. 

Now go ahead and slide pins in to the inside of the roll, crimpy side towards your scalp. Try to hide these as much as you can. Slide them in from the front and from the back end of the roll to really secure it. 
Put the back section of your hair as you desire - I normally do a bun because my hair might be a little oily or I want it out of the way, but a ponytail, side plaits or just out is fine if you're happy.

You'll be looking fabulously 40s in no time. Accessorise the look if you want with a snood, hair flowers or clips, or even a hair scarf. Play around with this, it takes a little practice, but I find rolling off to one side on my fingers works a treat for doing these rolls. You might also find this do easier with pre-curled hair. 

Let me know if you need any additional clarification, or if you try this out.

Love WTP x


Harlow Darling said...

Whoaaa your hair is so, SO long, amazing!!! Your victory rolls look wonderful and suit you so well, I really want to try them myself sometime :D

Kayla said...

Great tutorial, I always wanted some tips for this particular 40s style! x

cosmo said...

Thank you !!!

Miss Rosette Brune said...

Thank you lovely lady

AVY said...

Fabulously 40s is fabulous. Looking cute.



Lillian said...

I used to be able to do victory rolls on my shoulder length hair but now that it's really long I haven't been able to work out the right partings, etc. Now I know how I will totally try it out!! Thanks :)

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