Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Time (and I) flies

Hello kids! I've been back two and a half weeks now from my holiday, and I feel like it was a million years ago, but also that the time has just sneaked past me. So many errands to run and things to catch up on. Will the hand washing never end?! If you follow me on IG you'd be well aware I was having a jolly good jaunt in Stockholm, London and Paris recently and now it's time for me to share some of the adventures. I won't bore you with too many pics, I know you're not interested in the marble bath in my hotel room with the heated towel rails or the million slices of gluten free cake I ate in Gamla Stan, or my disappointed face when I tried some Swedish chocolate bars from the 7-11 (Guys, you're not far from Switzerland, just import it!). 

First stop was Stockholm. It was my first time there and I admit I didn't really know if I was excited about it or not. I didn't really know what to expect from Stockholm, nor what I really wanted to do there. If I had realised what a great city it was I would've stayed longer. I didn't get to see everything in the end I wanted to, but I hit up some definite highlights: The Vasa Museum, the Abba Museum, The Nordiska Museum, the Royal Palace, including the amazing Treasury and Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities, shopped in Gamla Stan, a cruise around the islands, and my favourite highlight, having a delicious home-cooked meal at a friend's family home. I am now a pickled herring convertee!  I also have to say the Swedes are such lovely people, I felt very safe, welcome and comfortable there. And did I mention meatballs?

Next it was off to London, which I have visited more than once before! One of the most wonderful things about London, aside from all the history and museums and sights, was catching up with friends. It was kooky how many Australian friends were in town. I had a long lunch with two school friends and coffee with Nora and her husband who arrived only the day before to start her new life there. I also went to the Lush spa again (blissssssss), checked out the Lush Oxford Street store with it's 200 exclusive products (WOW!) plus some amazing exhibitions including the Fashion on The Ration exhibition at the Imperial War Museum and the Riviera Style exhibition at the Fashion and Textiles Museum. I spent too much time staring at "old pots" as my father calls them in The British Museum and toured Kensington Palace. I went to The Globe to see The Merchant of Venice (dream fulfilled, I cannot recommend seeing Shakespeare at The Globe enough), and Royal Albert Hall for some flag waving. It was a great time.

I also took a day trip into Paris. That city of lights, romance, long queues and an overall vibe of chic snobbery. In my case also a gluten intolerant nightmare. I headed over for the day with my brother to the Musee De Louvre, and spent all afternoon there. The Mona Lisa, Venus De Milo, Captive (The Dying Slave), Napoleon's Apartments! Then we wandered the Tuilleries, and found a street side bistro and I ordered Nicoise salad that was absolute perfection while Nathan ate his favourite French food: French onion soup. We then headed on the Eurostar home, snoozing back into London as the sun set and nursing an expensive and delicious box of chocolates. 

Hover your mouse over the pics for information, I figured you didn't need more of a spiel here!

Love WTP x


norafinds said...

You looked amazing even though you were traveling! I don't know how you do that!!

Bonita Vear said...

So many beautiful photos, and your outfits are so elegant! It looks like you had a fabulous time. :) ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

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