Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Do you remember the time?

I can't believe how long it's been since my Stockholm/London trip. It seems like it was only last week and yet a thousand years ago. Why am I bringing up the trip now though? Two reasons: the first being this vintage skirt was one of my finds! You know I'm nuts for rose prints and I kind of danced a little jig next to the skirt rack in the basement vintage shop I found  - that was before they had to cut me out of a dress with a broken zipper - awks! A million thank yous to the stranger who helped me when I stuck my head out of the curtain and went, 'Help! Do you speak English?!' 

The second that while I was over there I was struggling to find some English TV shows to watch on TV, so I ended up watching a doco about the modern concept of time. It really blew my mind to realise that humans haven't always kept time with precision. Have you ever really considered that before? In the days before everyone carried a watch, people would keep time in a more pastoral sense: "I'll see you in the time it takes to milk a cow!'. Even if you had a clock, it was big, bulky, expensive and would still have been geared towards your own town time - which is exactly how things functioned. Every town kept their own time and it wasn't coordinated with the next town - so even just one town over they were on a different time. Is that crazy or what? The invention of the affordable portable timepiece revolutionised the way humans lived. Suddenly, we could be organised in a manner never seen before. Time could be standardised into zones so a whole nation knew what time it was where, you could make plans with people and both arrive there at the same time, you could catch a train that had a timetable that was easy to read (imagine having one time in your own town and the train line operating to its own time, and having to arrive in a town on yet another time, YIKES) and have set working hours (yes, you have the watch to blame for the 9-5 grind).

Really, the modern world owes a lot to the humble watch.

There is of course nothing humble about the JORD Watches Ely watch in maple. It's lightweight, it fits my baby wrists, and it teams well with my vintage, even despite the slightly sporty feel it has. I'm not much of a watch wearer normally, but this watch has been on regular rotation thanks to the neutral feel of the maple wood. Its amazed me both how much I actually enjoy wearing this watch and how many people have drooled over it and asked where it's from. If you feel much the same you should check out their other styles and colours here. I'm sure you'll be as in love as I am! And yes, they have styles for the men in your life too ;)

Love WTP x

JORD Ely maple watch, The Original Bad Girl JD top in brown and white stripe, Emmaus Vintage 50s rose skirt, Senso brown heels, Bowerbird Vintage mesh clutch, Jean Jean Vintage 1940s bakelite earrings. 

This post was in collaboration with JORD Watches. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting collaboration posts on A Wild Tea Party. 

Ladies Wooden Watches


Harlow Darling said...

This skirt is gorgeous, very different from other rose print skirts because of its colour! The incident in the vintage shop sounds nightmarish...one of the reasons I avoid real life shopping - I hate not having someone to assist me in and out of clothes :P

Bonita Vear said...

Argh ~ I so hate it when zippers get suck and you're only trying the clothes on! You get to the panic point where you are all "Holp! They're going to have to bury me in this or cut it off!" Thank goodness someone came to your rescue!

I do love this outfit though ~ the watch and the skirt are such an awesome pairing and between you and Nora I am thinking I might have to have a look into investing in a wooden watch. They just look so neat! ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

Anonymous said...

Ah life was so much simpler then! Imagine the absence of time pressure... I could be late and pretend it wasn't my fault at all. HAHA!

Also, your hair is ridiculously stunning.

x G

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