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Those fangs: Smile Brilliant review

Teeth Whitening Cost

Can I tell you all a secret? I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I rarely smile with my teeth showing. There's two reasons for it:
  1. Dreadful eye bags when I do. I need to learn not to squish my face up. 
  2. I'm not hugely thrilled with my teeth. I can't decide if they've just not white naturally, or whether my tea drinking and medication from a young age has stained them FOREVER. 
For awhile I was using whitening toothpaste but it wasn't making a huge difference, and more to the point was full of microbeads. Yuck. So, I let it go and went back to using Lush Toothy Tabs. 

So when Smile Brilliant approached me and asked if I would trial their tooth whitening system I was prepared to give it a go. You know, in the name of giving you guys a heads up if it were good, and not just for my own vanity. Ok, there was also a bit of vanity in there too. 

So, how does it work? It's surprisingly simple. You know how you can visit your dentist and they could charge you an arm and a leg and possibly a kidney for custom trays and bleaching? This system is what your dentist does, at a fraction of the cost. It's the same product, just, without the dental bills essentially! 

Once your purchase, you will get a kit that looks like this - syringes of Teeth Whitening and De-Sensitizing gels, some blue trays for making the imprint and the jars of putty for the imprint. It's super easy. You mix the blue and the white paste together until there's no white putty left, and then press it into the trays before making an imprint of your top teeth and repeat then for the bottom. You then mail off the imprint to get your custom trays made. 

They arrive pretty quickly after that! Your imprint teeth are sent back too, and make for excellent Halloween decor. Your trays are flexible and you simply syringe in the gel to the front of the tray where it would sit against the front of your teeth and insert into your mouth. I started out with small periods to see how my teeth reacted. For awhile I didn't notice any sensitivity, but once I upped it to a few hours a day on a daily basis I did start to notice I had ONE tooth that was sensitive. There's always gotta be one rebel. I cut back to doing about an hour a day and that seemed to settle it.

These trays are clear and I took to wearing them at the office as that was the only time I could sit for a few hours without eating to have them in and while they made it a teensy bit harder to talk, no one noticed they were in unless I pointed them out. How handy is that?

Once you use up the supplies in your kit, it's easy to keep ordering replacement gels without doing the whole kit and kaboodle - and best bit yet, they ship to Australia. Easy peasy kids.



So, overall, what do I think about this product? Well, the before and after speaks for itself. My teeth aren't movie star white, they've still got some yellowing, but they're noticeably whiter. I suspect that's just the way my teeth are after years of medications and caffeinated bevvies, but I will definitely keep using this product to top up the effect every few months.

Would I have bought this product without trying? Probably not. I'd grown a little weary of products that claimed to really whiten your teeth, so I am glad I tried this. 

 To take a closer look or order your own Smile Brilliant trays just click below. For more information on Smile Brilliant, visit their Reviews page or watch the video below.

This post was in collaboration with Smile Brilliant. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting collaboration posts on A Wild Tea Party. 

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Bonita Vear said...

Well, I won't be able to use this ~ I have a false tooth for half of my front tooth, so I'll just have to pay the dentist that arm, leg and kidney if I want my teeth whitened! However, I think it's such an awesome system, and it looks really good for a finished result. Thanks for letting us know about the ins and outs! ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

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