Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Carry on!

Sometimes, I'm a practical person. I know, it surprises me too. I'm a princess when I travel (just ask my mother about the first time I encountered a squat toilet in Hong Kong). And while I might have to fly cattle class Economy for my holidays, I like to have a few little necessities with me to make the trip smoother - without causing security to have a conniption at my liquids. So, here is a little check list for anyone else who wants to pack an effective, comfortable and carryable carry on bag for international flights.

My essentials:
  • A good quality large leather handbag that zips up.
  • Travel wallet - it looks like a clutch, but it's actually got a mirror, pen, card slots, ticket and passport space and coin purse so all of your essentials are together. Then if you need to go out of an evening you can just grab this and go. You can try something like the Mimco Turnlock Travel Wallet.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A notebook for writing. I am always jotting down thoughts and details.
  • Eye mask for sleeping. While airlines normally give you one, I always spritz mine before I leave with a soothing essential oil mix that helps me relax.
  • Ear plugs. These are great for popping in on the flight, then putting the headphones over and playing a sleep track that is generally found on the inflight entertainment. It's the closest I can get to getting some sleep and rest in peace on a flight.
  • Tissues, cause those are always handy.
  • Phone and ear phones - for waiting around at the airport, accessing WiFi and taking snaps.
  • Clear bag of toiletries. The tricky part of flying. Nothing can be over 50MLs and must fit inside a clear zip lock for security. I'm fancy, so obviously I have a clear MOR toiletry bag. Inside it always consists of: Toothbrush and toothpaste, roll on deodorant, hand cream, facial moisturizer, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip treatment, eyebrow pencil and a bold lip gloss. I use the brow pencil and lip gloss before I get off the plane to ensure I look fresh and polished. You could also add a concealer if you have some spots to cover. I also slip two sheet masks in - these are great for wearing on the flight to provide hydration to your skin.
  • Underpants! Because nothing is worse than your luggage lost and having no clean underpants. Yours do not have to have rhinestones or lace however.

Other things you might like to include or consider:
  • Medications! If you have any prescription medications make sure they're on your carry-on. This is for two reasons - so you can take them during the flight (obviously!) but also in case your main luggage gets lost you won't suddenly be scrambling for essential medications in a foreign country. If your medication may be contentious in some way, carry a note from your doctor.
  • Fold up slippers - I always bring them so I can take off my shoes and have warm feet but still be able to get up for the bathroom too without having to change. I really should've photographed these!
  • Travel socks - I always wear these for flights, otherwise I get off looking like Violet Beauregarde after that gum.
  • A book - you might like to read. I don't generally end up reading the books I bring, so instead I put one on my phone.
  • An iPhone cable. Some airlines have a USB charging point in the seat you can use to up the power on your devices.
  • Sanitary products - panty liners, tampons etc. Sometimes you never know when you might get a surprise. Ahem.
Of course, this bag layout is also perfect for another kind of bag that needs all your essentials... a hospital bag! After all of the trauma of being admitted overnight to hospital, the last thing you want is to be without a few comforting essentials. The bag you'll need is very similar with a few swaps. I always take these things with me to the ER because you just never know what will happen, and even if they don't admit you, it all fits in a relatively small bag, so no stress!

My essentials:

  • Pajamas. If you're going to be admitted, you might want to change into something comfortable. I like satin pjs.
  • Fold up slippers, because, they're nice. But you could definitely do socks.
  • Sleep mask and ear plugs - especially good for shared rooms where you will want quiet to sleep, and someone always leaves a light on.
  • Underpants - probably more than one pair, but make them good, the nurses and doctor will probably see them ;)
  • Hair brush.
  • Toiletries bag - Tooth brush and paste, deodorant, hand cream, face moisturizer, lip balm, shower gel, tissues.
  • Phone and ear buds for entertainment and to contact worried friends and family.
You might also want:
  • Dry shampoo.
  • Face cleanser.
  • Phone charging cable.
  • Sanitary products
  • Medications in their prescription boxes so the nurses know you can take them.
So, that's my practical packing list for an essentials carry on or hospital stay bag. Can you think of anything you'd add? What's on your list for flights?

Love WTP x


Mimi Zorz said...

I am not a good traveler but I like the idea of traveling in style and you seem to be good at it, so I've enjoyed this post a lot. The mor bag is fab. Hope you don't have to stay in hospital although even the hospital things look stylish.

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